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Girl Powder: CMH heliski per le donne

I carved an S-curve of downhill graffiti on deep, virgin alpine powder, floating down amid spectacular snow-covered mountain ranges beneath a bluebird sky. Suddenly, I wiped out in a dramatic “double eject,” losing both my skis, tumbling in a great puff of fluffy snow. Gail Davenport from Washington, D.C., skied up, extended a hand, and helped me onto my skis. “You OK?” she asked, brushi...
November 29th at 9:30am

Ski touring a Bugaboos

WORDS AND PHOTOS BY MORGAN DINSDALE | POSTED JANUARY 23, 2017 Stripping off sweat-soaked base layers I realize I’ve never been so fulfilled by exertion. Spending a week ski touring at CMH’s Bugaboos Lodge, summiting mountains one after another, I am wholly and completely sated. I have been a backcountry skier for many years but never experienced ski touring like this. Deep within the Pur...
August 22nd at 3:24pm

Topturfestivalen Rotta per il nulla

Le stagioni invernali non si sa mai quando farle finire. Se uno ha passione vera per lo sci, uno strascico di inverno da qualche parte lo trova sempre. Uno, se vuole, può andare avanti tranquillamente a sciare fino a metà dell’estate, fino a giugno o a luglio, ma è chiaro che quello che sta facendo, da un certo momento in poi, è tirare avanti. Trascinarsi, e le passioni non bisogna mai trasc...
January 17th at 11:52am